Becoming a member of Biogasregister International e.V. has a number of advantages. Members receive transparent insight into the work of the registry companies. Biogasregister International e.V also provides support with customer-related issues as well as information and materials for the lobby activities of its members. The members will be seen in the context of European lobby work without necessarily doing it themselves, which would cost more.

The regular membership of the Association can be obtained by all natural and legal persons as well as public and private corporations.
Membership fees:

  • Regular members A (Individuals, research institutions, public authorities): 500 € per year
  • Regular members B (Companies, national registries with up to 5 persons working with biomethane): 1000 € per year
  • Regular members C (Companies, national registries with more than 5 persons working with biomethane): 2500 € per year

Payment has to be done for the calendar year, starting with full fee in the year of entrance.

The executive board decides on the acceptance of new members according to its discretion. The application for membership in the society is to be submitted to the board in written form.  

You can download the statues or a membership application form for more information.