Biogasregister International e.V. is a member organization supporting the development and trade of renewable energy gases.

With its ability to provide flexible, on-demand energy, renewable gas is an answer to our energy demands in a sustainable way.
One of the renewable gases is biomethane. Not only do the sources for biomethane exist abundantly, but also it could be directly used as a substitute for natural gas.

Cross border trade of biomethane will absolutely support the growth of its utilization. Nowadays, national trade is aided by the certification from biomethane registries, which allow the user to perceive the value and characteristic of the biomethane without any need to transfer it physically. However, the cross border trade of biomethane is currently very limited. This condition calls for the development of a platform to ease the international recognition of biomethane or biomethane certificates, which not only solves this problem but also supports the European market development.


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